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What is is a software platform that supports enterprises and investors with comprehensive data insights. The platform facilitates collaboration, customization, and visualization of data for superior decision-making towards achieving commercial and social targets and goals.
Additionally, Scorecards, which are the software’s output, are instrumental in meeting compliance requirements and reporting activities.
What are our products? Company: Your Co-Pilot for all things sustainability. The tool supports with data collection, collaboration and visualization. Investor: Your partner for portfolio management. This tool helps manage the complex relationships and multi-stakeholder conversations needed to collect, synthesize and report on underlying investments. It is a powerful tool for diligence, comparison and management. Data Intelligence: The Gateway to Data Supremacy. Meet the future of work in sustainability today. Collect, manipulate, and analyze data for optimal interoperability with different frameworks, proactive compliance checking, and metric tracking at your command. Scorecard™: These are the outputs of the platform, and they are able to distill huge amounts of data into intuitive, user-friendly presentations whilst also meeting many of the voluntary and mandated reporting requirements.
Who are our clients?
Enterprises: We partner with enterprise customers to provide them with the ability to efficiently meet their data collection, analysis and reporting mandates. The platform is designed to meet the complexity of multiple department collaboration and external stakeholder management needed to align towards completing comprehensive audits and reporting.
Investors: We support investors to become better managers by providing a robust environment for them to collect data from their portfolio companies in a manner that meets diligence, bench-marking, reporting, and management needs.
The platform supports other stakeholders, including supply chain, executive, and board members.
What are our products key features?
Collaboration: Engage and manage your universe of dependencies across internal departments and external stakeholders.
Customization: Collect, analyze, and transform your data into actionable insights with a powerful, complete, integrated suite of sustainability tools.
Visualization: Elevating insights and engagement through highly intuitive and interactive presentations for enhanced analytics, engagement, and transparency.
Compliance: Unlocking the power of technology for reporting, enhanced diligence, proactive risk identification, and audit readiness.
What is Company?
This is a software offering from that helps enterprises collect, analyze, collaborate, and report on integrated performance, including but not limited to financial, environmental and governance dimensions. This is your sustainability ERP and command center for your goals, commitments, and comprehensive performance.
What is Scorecard™?
It is a Scorecard that allows you to communicate your sustainability journey, establish ambitious goals, and track your performance. It is an interactive digital report supporting your communication strategy by engaging your customers, employees, investors, and supply chain.
What is Data Intelligence?
This module allows you to efficiently collect, harmonize, and synthesize data for optimal usability and interoperability.
How to get access to the platform? has a platform for different users. We invite you to talk to a specialist to learn more about how to get onto the platform.

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