A world in which transparency drives change.

Partnering with investors, operators, policymakers, and regulators moving the conversation from intention to execution using data-driven strategies.

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Our Story

Data as a force for good.

As individuals with years of experience across ​investment, impact management, and standard-​setting bodies, we experienced firsthand that ​reporting and disclosure efforts rarely resulted in ​improved outcomes. Frustrated by the lack of solutions and passionate about the potential for meaningful change, we embarked on a journey ​to build the kind of technology that we would want ​to use ourselves.

Our software solution provides companies and investors with comprehensive performance information. 

Private markets are powerful and when deployed intentionally, can make great strides in improving humanity and solving inequalities in the world. Beyond aligning stakeholder incentives, we drive transparency that ultimately boosts portfolio health.

We solve for both the art and the science of ESG and Impact Management, although you’ll rarely hear us talk about it that way. Enlightened leaders, investors, and politicians don’t differentiate profit and purpose – they are two sides of the same coin.
- Jenny Snape

We see a world where good behavior is rewarded – by customers, employees, governments, investors, and suppliers.