We aspire to create a new world in which the power of transparency fuels change

Our Story ― A platform designed by practitioners for operators navigating the various demands of the sustainability office today.

As individuals with years of experience across investment, impact management, and standard-setting bodies, we experienced firsthand that reporting and disclosure efforts rarely resulted in improved outcomes. Frustrated by the lack of solutions and fueled by desire to create meaningful change, we embarked on a journey to build the kind of technology we would want to use ourselves.
We solve for both the art and the science of ESG and Impact Management, although you’ll rarely hear us talk about it that way. Enlightened leaders, investors, and politicians don’t differentiate profit and purpose –– they are two sides of the same coin. the world through technology

Your copilot for comprehensive performance management.
This is a complete toolkit for companies that drive integrated, automated, comprehensive management insights. The software solution provides companies and investors with comprehensive performance results; ensuring measurement and reporting are streamlined, so you can focus on management and improvement. has pioneered collaborative tools that seamlessly connect all stakeholders onto one platform, driving transparency of data and ensuring the alignment of goals.
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The Manifiesto
We believe in a new world where good behavior is rewarded – by customers, employees, governments, suppliers, and investors. For this world to exist, we must start at the foundation - aligning stakeholders' incentives. In order to do this, we need to drive transparency.
Companies are powerful entities rich with data. Combined with aligned capital, this data can act as a catalytic agent for change. However, when data is underutilized, it results in muted impact that falls short of its full potential. The only performance data readily available for company insights is financial, while the reality is that true performance data is far more dynamic.
We aspire to create a different world - a world in which the power of transparency fuels change. To bring this to life, we built a platform that provides contextual data and insights to be used as a force for good.
As many will attest, reporting and disclosure efforts have failed to improve outcomes and achieve shared goals. For this reason, our approach moves away from measurement and reporting, into targeted management and improvement. We take management teams from backward-looking, point-in-time assessments to forward-looking, proactive execution.
This movement is for the many who want to move from intention to action. It is for those who challenge the status quo and prioritize change to provide benefits for today and the future. It is for those who understand that performance is dynamic, multifaceted, and inclusive of the many stakeholders up and down the value chain.
This new way of thinking allows us to unlock insights, perform better, and create more sustainable portfolios. Progressive leaders, investors, and operators don’t differentiate between growth KPIs, operational performance, and Impact improvement – these are two sides of the same coin. More sustainable products, efficient supply chains, healthier workforces, and aligned capital will always result in better performance.
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